Rosemarie Caffarelli

Ted Ski

Teds Big Day

Hello, my name is Rosemarie Caffarelli and I would like to introduce myself.  I have been painting for over 25 years and am a member of the Oregon Watercolor Society.  Oregon has been my home for 14 years, having previously lived on the east coast. Although my favorite subjects have primarily been flowers and landscapes,  I am having a great deal of fun with my creations of Ted.  As you will see, some of his adventures may bring back memories of your own.   You may also recognize one or two of the other cats.

In our household, “Teddy Bear”, is the main cat.  He is an apricot Persian who gets himself into one situation after another.  I would like to invite you to enjoy some of my favorite watercolors of Ted and his friends.  Remember, he can do just about anything.  Relax and have fun as Ted takes you on a journey thru just some of his recent escapades.