Vincent Van Gogh

Starlight Over the Rhone

Framed size 22 3/4” x 28 1/4”

Frame is a 2 3/4” Black Laqure with a brushed gold lip

Painted in the last period of his life, Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night,  Starlight Over the Rhone, and Cafe Terrace at Night create tremendous emotional  impact.

Some believe Starlight Over the Rhone is the first of the series  of 'Stars' painted by Vincent with Starry Night being painted the following  year. In both paintings, the heavens are alive with the vibrancy of the stars  contrasted by the dark blues of the sky.

Considered one of van Gogh's  most remarkable works of art, all lines of Cafe Terrace at Night point directly  to the center of the painting, drawing you into the piece. Though the painting  seems dark, no black is used. Pay attention to the figure clad in white serving  the twelve dark figures at the tables, one of whom stands with him and turns his  back on him, and make your own conclusion as to what this painting is about.