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  Don't be fooled by imitations!  All my canvas are transferred onto canvas from the original lithographs. No computer copy or assembly line knockoffs!! These look beautiful.  

Thomas Hill

Certified Picture Framer

Framed Size 24” x 37”


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Thomas Hill was born in England in 1829, and immigrated to the U.S. in 1844. His  formal art studies were at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. In the 1850,  Hill often painted in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with artists such as  Albert Bierstadt, George Innes, and Asher Durand.

Fleeing the harsh  winters of the East, Hill moved to California in 1861, setting up a studio in  San Francisco. Hill enjoyed strong success in San Francisco, especially after  taking on Yosemite as his subject. Hill built a studio in Yosemite in 1883 and  painted prolifically.

During this time his works were very much in  demand and commanding tremendous prices. Like Bierstadt in the East, Hill lost  favor with American tastes which, by the mid-1890 viewed his works as old  fashioned.

A series of strokes debilitated Hill, beginning in 1896, and  his death in 1908 in believed to have been a suicide.