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Victory Dance



Framed Size 26 1/2” x 33 1/4”

3’ Solid wood gold with antique
gold  with red rub and beaded lip

Frederic Remington in his prime.

 From 1901 until his death in 1909, Frederic Remington produced a series of  approximately 70 paintings that took as their subject the "color of night."  These paintings, in which the artist explored the technical and aesthetic  difficulties of painting darkness, drew immediate approval from critics and were  the paintings that allowed him to break decisively from his career as an  illustrator. This exhibition is the first devoted entirely to Remington's  nocturnes and includes 29 paintings filled, surprisingly, with color and  light--moonlight, firelight, and candlelight. The works reveal the spare  modernism of Remington's color, composition, and tone. Several works have not  been seen publicly in nearly 100 years.

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