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American Patriot

John Trumbull  1786

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27  x 37

4 inch solid antique gold and leaf  frame

Canvas Transfer with Brushstroking


U.S. painter, architect, and author. Born in Lebanon, Conn.,  son of Gov. Jonathan Trumbull (1710-1785), he served as an aide to G. Washington  during the Amer. Revolution and later as secretary to J. Jay in London. In 1784  he studied painting in London with B. West, and with West's encouragement he  began the celebrated series of historical paintings and engravings he would work  on throughout his life. In 1817 he was commissioned by Congress to paint the  four large pictures that decorate the Capitol rotunda (completed 1826); most of  the figures in the often-reproduced Declaration of Independence were painted  from life.

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